Professional surveying solutions
Axis Land Surveying offers comprehensive surveying services for architects, quantity surveyors, consulting engineers and contractors, using the latest data gathering technology. Our experienced site staff are equipped with the latest Trimble Robotic AutoCAD compatible data instrumentation and fully compatible EDM software technology.
Key Services:
Topographical and land surveys
Building setting out and steel frame alignment
Site engineering and supervision services
Volumetrics and value engineering
Grid of levels
All forms of dimensional control

Axis has worked on numerous prestigious projects for clients from a wide range of industries, including Eurotunnel Developments, Amec Spie, GSE Group, Manston Airport, Honda Motors (UK) Ltd and J Sainsbury plc. Click here for a full list of past clients.

Practical, cost effective and accurate
We are happy to provide fixed price quotations based on a site visit / site plans or can provide you with extremely competitive hourly rates. Contact us via phone, fax or email for more information.
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